Eco- global terms and conditions for smart venture and global funding
  1. All green global investors, green global entrepreneurs, green global funders, green backers must register their right person profile (details) on website as required.
  2. All green global investment transactions must be legality that is all paper work to reviewed first by our solicitors as follows below.
    Our private fees in this matter will be charged at the rate of €230 per hour. This hourly rate is broken down so that you are charged €23.00 per unit of our work. There are 10 units of 6 minutes in one hour. We also charge 1 unit per 10 lines of our written work. You will meet any outlay that is incurred by us and we will advise you of the extent of any necessary outlay before it is incurred. We will usually require you to have lodged sufficient funds in our client account before incurring an outlay on your behalf. VAT at the prevailing rate (currently 20%) is added to fees charged.
  3. Later our smart 10 % eco - services commission charge paid by green global entrepreneurs how to proceed with their green global project that is , connecting them to right green global backers, right green global crowd funders or right green global investors to achieve the desire green bottom line.
  4. Smart global venture crowd funder is a reliable, trustworthy eco- global brand working with relevant eco-organisations to create an eco- global sustainable economy.
  5. All payment must made be through PayPal options

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